Let's pool our money and buy something amazing!

ComicShares.com is a placeholder for the eventual emergence of an established, secure, and regulated market for partial ownership in amazing things, such as extremely expensive comic books (Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27, etc.). Many people have independently come up with the idea and many other people have always said "no way" and "bad idea". Those "no way" people don't have to participate, though they probably will, once it exists. They'll even forget they said it was a bad idea.

Eventually, there will be a method to buy and sell partial ownership in real world things, much like buying a share in a company gives you both ownership of the company (your tiny portion) and the right to sell that share in a regulated market. Comic books will eventually have that market. So will coins, sportscards, sportscars, Van Gogh paintings, Rodin sculptures, and probably even ancient Egyptian gold burial masks. No, I don't mean we take turns having them in our collections. The items stay right where they are now, especially if the current owners never sell more than 50% of their ownership. They keep the books, coins, cards, cars, etc., or the museums keep them, or they stay in bank vaults, whatever. But you'd own your share as much as any share in the stock market for companies that you couldn't name an employee on continents you'll never visit.

I've been wanting to see the partial ownership idea happen since about 1998. The internet made it obvious. Buying comic books on Ebay, there were always better books I couldn't afford. Once I also had experience buying stocks (and never actually visiting those companies) it made just as much sense to wish I could buy a share in a copy of Action Comics #1, even if I knew I would never touch it. It would be the same as stocks in companies I'd never visit. Why would anyone choose to "invest" in 5,000 copies of decades of other Superman comics that are "worth" $10,000 just taking up space when they could have $10,000 invested in shares of a copy of Action Comics #1 (Superman's first appearance) in someone's vault?

This idea just keeps coming up, it has even been tried on this domain by someone else without success --- without major support from major players in the industry, but it is just a matter of time. It's probably similar to someone thousands of years ago asking, "hey, what if we each could own a little bit of the planet?" and the rest is history real estate. I'm sure a bunch of people also said, "that'll never work" and probably died before it did work. It definitely took a while. Notice how the people who didn't like the real estate idea are forgotten but the system is still here. That idea (real estate, partial ownership in Earth) is currently estimated to be worth $168.5 trillion. Check Google for the current estimate.

A secure and regulated market for shares in amazing things will happen, and ComicShares.com will be ready.